Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Odd Networking

Strange things today.

I get a voicemail from someone wanting me to go to Houston to work on a PBX. I would probably jump on it to get some spare cash, but it's an ethics violation and could result in my termination from PHONECO.

Sucks, but oh well. What I thought was odd was I was tracked down through Linked In, but I don't have my work number on LInked In.

The next thing was I got a spam message supposedly from Linked In at my PHONECO email address.

What The Fishsticks people?


furiousBall said...

in my world, a PBX is a really extreme peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Wonder Woman said...

Shouldn't that be a PBJX??? I am difused...

Miss Yvonne said...

You don't want to work in Houston anyway. Captain Carl had an interview for a contract job there a few weeks ago and I was equal parts hopefully he'd get it and worried he'd get it. I think it was for the best that he didn't get it.