Friday, February 05, 2010

Thanking God For A Moment

I wrote about Ben's troubles at his old school.  We moved him after THE WIFE spent the last of his third grade year homeschooling him.  His fourth grade year was much better as we changed school and got him into a class with a teacher who loves him and worked with us to help him succeed.

This year has been rougher because he had to move to fifth grade and had a new teacher.  She was great with him and worked hard to understand him and try different things.  Unfortunately her class is basically a bunch of hoods.  For some reason parents are blinded into never seeing when their kids misbehave and think their little "Prince" or "Princess" can do no wrong.  That is the situation there.  Throw on the fact this is the teacher's first year and you have a recipe for disaster.

Because of all the problems with the other kids in the class we were frantic because we started seeing behavior problems which were not related to his Asperger's.  Backtalking people, refusing to do work or co-operate in addition to real problems and shutting down.  We were mortified and all of us (home and school) were trying to find a solution.

Now there has been a shake up at the school and Ben's teacher was moved from fifth grade to first grade.  That meant Ben was getting a new teacher.  We were terrified.  How would Ben handle it?  What would she be like?

I need to learn to relax and trust that God has his hand in this.  Ben's old teacher is LOVING teaching first grade and now realizes what a great job she has.  Ben's new teacher is a wonderful woman who is full of love and IMMEDIATELY spotted what was going on.  She talked with a friend of THE WIFE and mentioned she has noticed all of the kids in the class are picking on Ben.  This alleviated our fears that Ben had just "Turned Bad."  She even immediately picked up on a situation where Ben was being blamed for instigating problems with another kid, when she picked up on the other kid instigating.

Thank you God.  Thank you for watching over my boy.

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Anonymous said...

Thank Goodness you were able to get a teacher that understands.

My BF's brother has Aspergers. He is a severe case. He is an adult now but he will not talk period. He struggles but in some ways he is amazingly adaptive. I believe he could have fared better with better teachers. Although his mother is a teacher and so I would like to think that helped him immensely.

They had the same problems at school to the point that it was an all out war with the teachers who treated him terribly. Insulting him etc. You are very lucky to have a good teacher. And you and your wife deserve a lot of credit for continuing to look for a solution that fits.

I wish you the best of luck and opportunities to help your son.