Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Illustration process Part Deux

    OK, today I am picking up where I left off.  I have my drawing inked, fairly clean and I want to start on my lettering for the dialog and banner.  The first thing I want to do is establish my letter height and placement.  One way to do this with paper is to rough it in lightly with pencil to get an idea of what you want.  I did this and then went back and put in guide lines for height and level for my letters.
These guys have something to say? Really?
    For this drawing I used lined paper under this and lightly traced the lines.  You can also use a ruler and t-square or 90 degree angle to set up the height and level.
    Once I have it roughly where I want it, I pencil in the lettering and then ink it using the same technique I use on the lines.  This allows me to clean up my guide lines before I scan it.  At this point I am ready to scan my image.  Usually I scan it in as a PDF (just because that is what I have access to when I work during my lunchtime) and then grab the image into Paint Shop Pro.
Where are you Michelle?

    Once I have it in, I soften the focus and then sharpen it to eliminate some of the sharper edges from the scanning.  This helps with removing some of the pixeling which is part of the process.
Wow! A coloring book!
    Once that is done, I select the background color of the drawing and use the paintbrush option to clean up the unwanted marks.
No one likes dirty pictures. Am I right? Hello... ?
    Once I have it cleaned the way I want it I then add my base colors by using the magic wand option and then the paintbrush to color the sections.  Once I am finished with the base colors, I then go back and add some shading and highlights.  Tom Richmond has a great tutorial section on his blog about how to do this.  Since I am just learning, I'll leave it to him. (Besides, most of my stuff is nowhere near as complex as his yet, so mine is just highlights and minor stuff).
    When I am done I usually just make a PNG file for uploading to the web and keep my basic PSP file for Paint Shop.
    I hope you enjoyed my rambling.  Look for more of the "Evil Bush" series soon.


furiousBall said...

haha, this was great! thanks for doing this

Anonymous said...

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