Sunday, February 14, 2010

Life Is Strange

In addition to getting a foot of snow last week in Dallas, I am trying to adjust to other things, obviously Ben is too. The teacher I was thrilled for him to get has a problem with her work Visa and cannot continue working for the school. My frustration boils over because I am called "Racist" or "Heartless" for wanting everyone to follow our immigration laws, but seeing someone who is working and following the rules fail drives me insane. Knowing that there are millions of people here who just walked across the border and either stole an identity or are living off the grid while this woman gets harassed by Homeland Security is nothing but CRAP! We need immigration reform in this country and I openly admit that, but with that said, we HAVE to secure our borders. We can't just keep giving amnesty to illegal immigrants every 30 years or so and calling it "Reform." We also have to streamline the process to get immigrants INTO the country because there are a lot of people who want the American dream. I have hopes for Ben, I know God is watching out for him and his situation is better than is ever was before even with all the turmoil of the last couple of weeks. I still have my faith. I just hurt to see my son having more frequent meltdowns and fighting more frequently with everyone. I have also noticed he isn't sleeping in his bed anymore, he has pulled his bedding off and is sleeping in the floor of his closet. I don't understand, but all I can do is try to help and trust in God.

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