Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I did a couple of drawings for my buddy Zachary Rabbit over at http://somebunnyscreation.blogspot.com/.  I hope he likes them and I wanted to put them up here for everyone else to see also.
A Color Drawing of Zachary

Hopefully somebody will rescue me from the Telecom Dungeon and hire me as an illustrator!

Here's a pencil sketch for kids to color!
Hey I can dream about escaping from Telecom can't I?


furiousBall said...

fantastic drawings. would you consider taking some pictures during your creation process? i think that would be really cool to put in a montage of some sort. i say do it.

do it.

do it.

Houston said...

Sure Van. I would love to.

I have a couple of things I was planning on working on, so I'll do that with the next project.

Thanks for the suggestion.

blindmaximus said...

Wow! That is really awesome.

ZackRabbit said...

OH MY BUNNY!!! THIS IS JUST SOOOOO PAWESOME!!! Yes PLEASE, could I get a copy of it? I'll DM you my email address!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! XOXOXO