Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Worthy Cause

Sometimes it is important to remember how blessed we are.  I saw this over at Van's site and it's important to remember how tough things can be.

This is from his friend Kate:

My 3 year old nephew, Charlie, was diagnosed on Christmas Eve, 2009 with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a large, malignant, metastatic, nerve-based, abdominal tumor. He is currently undergoing treatment at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).
The money collected through the Charlie Haughey Fund will be to used to cover whatever costs of his treatment insurance doesn’t cover and will be held until Charlie is ‘out of the woods’ and in remission with a clear prognosis. The remainder of the Fund (hopefully the vast majority) will be entirely donated to research for Neuroblastoma and childhood cancers. The fund has been graciously set up by Katrina Strich, Diane Smith and the other truly amazing friends of Charlie’s parents Mike and Julie Haughey.
For those who would like to donate please send to:
The Charlie Haughey Fund
c/o Katrina Strich
121 Algonquin Trail
Medford Lakes, NJ 08055
Today our friends organized “Hot Chocolate For Charlie,” the first of many planned events, which was incredibly well attended and very successful. People seemed to have a wonderful time all morning, donating generously as they visited with neighbors and ate baked goods and drank hot chocolate under a pristine, winter blue sky. We are planning many fund-raising events in the future including races, musical performances and other fun activities. Stay tuned for future events . . .

If you can, please give.  If you can't give, please at least say a prayer or two.



spitandvinegar said...

I'll be keeping Charlie in my thoughts for sure! I hope they have just as wonderful experience with the Philadelphia Children's Hospital as we have in California. Really amazing group of people!! Thank you for posting.

katiehaughey said...

On behalf of Charlie and my entire family, thank you so much for posting this, Houston! I'll keep reading - you are so very kind and very entertaining, too!!

Peace to you,

Kate Fleming

Houston said...


You are very welcome. Please keep me updated, I don't get many hits, but every little bit helps and it keeps Charlie in the Google hits.

You can email me directly at houstonkeys (at) gmail (dot) com.

May God give you strength and Peace while you all go through this.

And please give Charlie a big hug from my family.