Monday, January 11, 2010

Work Rant - Review Edition

Run away if you don't want me to drag you down!!!

Last Chance!!!

Still here?

Fine, you asked for it.

I am spending time today staring at my review process.  Why does this suck?

First off I have to sign into a web site and talk about how fabulous I am.  I don't get to sit down with my boss and he tells me how he has listened to me tweaking the widgets, or molding young minds.

No, I have to go and tell MANAGEMENT what I have done for the last year?  Seriously? WTF?

So why am I blogging instead of talking about how great I am so I can get more money?  Because it doesn't matter.  It doesn't matter what I put because I KNOW there is no money to be let loose and I am tired of playing the game.  The only question I have is whether to completely refuse to participate in the review process, to simply put a "Meh" in each category, or to unload and tell them what I really think.


Honesty from employees and them heeding the honest advice would be the best thing for them.  I don't for a second think they will follow it, or that it will go any further than HR.  I can dream about being called into my Director's office and having him ask me why I said such harsh things about our company.  I can dream about telling him the frustration we in the cubicles have with seeing upper management doing nothing and squandering our few precious resources.

But that is just a dream.

I think I will put "Meh" in each category and just sit down with my boss to find out what I need to do to get my big bag of nothing next year.

I have a family to think of.

I am tired though.  So tired.

Very tired of a company that speaks of innovation while running consistently 6 months behind other companies.  Tired of listening to leadership telling us to "Question the way we do things" so we can grow stronger and then nothing changes as we question.

Everything rises one level above, and stops.

I actually asked our company's President a question during an online meeting concerning overlapping and competing products within our own company.  How this promotes confusion and allows our competitors to get a toehold.

"GREAT QUESTION!" he said and relayed the question.  He then stated we were "Working to resolves the issues with overlapping applications in our portfolio."

Nothing. Has. Changed.

"Meh" it is.

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furiousBall said...

here's my two cents on this kinda crap (and I used to have to do the same thing back at the bank)...

these automated fill 'em out type of reviews prevent managers from doing effective reviews. this format of review basically makes it easier on managers who hate doing these things AND generally give a much easier metric to the powers that be to NOT give nice raises and bonuses.