Friday, January 08, 2010

Not Angry, Just Tired

Been working early shift (7 to 4) this week and it has kind of kicked my butt.  I had to work over to fix a problem last night and came up with a solution, called the tech back and he told me that the cut had been postponed so there was no rush.

I also have another tech hounding me to tell him if what I think is a really bad idea will work or not.  It's one of those things where it should work in theory, but I really don't think he'll ever get it to work in real life.

But should I say that?  It's not a matter of being condescending, but it is an over-complicated piece of poop (this solution) so I think failure potential is high.  I follow the Mythbusters' belief that the more complicated something is the more likely it is to fail.  (Murphy's Law never fails.)

Also today we were told to help a guy out on a system we do not support anymore.  One of the guys that loved working on the old systems grabbed it.  I guess we take a firm line on not working on things we don't support except for when we don't take a firm line.

Whatever.  I have decided to catch up on my bug fixes and have a totally bad attitude (Big Cup of Don't Give a Crap).

In good news, we talked to the preacher for the church we have been going to at dinner with him last night.  We told him we had decided to join so we are no longer church homeless.  So don't think I am depressed, I am just a bit dismayed about work and tired.  I will be back to my old sarcastic self again soon.

Have a great weekend all!

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furiousBall said...

big breath, brother - you're good :)