Monday, December 07, 2009

Can We Skip The Holidays This Year?

Well the "Boy In The Box" as my Twitter friends know him is in job Hell right now as Toys R Us is screwing him over.  He got exactly "0" hours last week because they "Accidentally" left him off the schedule and no one would address it.  He finally became frustrated enough to get a job and now no one is hiring because they have already staffed up for the holidays.


So TBITB is stuck until... I don't know with no hours.  If he wasn't doing his job I would have expected someone in management to tell him to shape up or ship out.  Personally I figure they don't like some aspect of him or his personality and are too chicken to tell him.  That requires leadership and confrontation and unfortunately it seems few in positions of authority have those attributes or the stomach for them anymore.

Add to this Christmastime is when Ben usually goes off the rails (and he is with gusto this year) and you have a fun holiday season ahead.

Any prayers for TBITB would be appreciated.  It's not easy for him as he tries to decide what he wants to do going ahead with his life.  Plus he now has no money to depend on for college next month.

Toys R Us, I poop at you!


Miss Yvonne said...

I'll say a prayer for you if you say a prayer for me and my kiddo, who is trying to get his crap together in time to get into college.

Wait. I don't think bartering for prayers is probably what The Big G had in mind.

Fine, I'll pray for you and yours even if you don't pray for mine.

p.s. I know you will though. Because you're all Christian-y like that. :-)

Houston said...


I mean... er...

Of course I'll pray for you and your kiddo.