Friday, November 20, 2009

Taken Out Of Context

I saw a thing the other day referring to Psalm 109 verse 8 which states:
May his days be few;
       may another take his place of leadership
I felt that nicely summed up how I felt about Obama.  I found out Rachel Maddow made a statement about how the next verse reads:
May his children be fatherless
       and his wife a widow.
I popped out a tweet referencing Psalm 109:8 and mentioned I was doing it specifically because Rachel Maddow called it UNAMERICAN.

I wasn't surprised when someone threw out the reference to Psalm 109:9 and said it was "particularly lovely and American."  I explained I didn't reference that verse, but the one before and that I didn't mention it in my tweet.  I also warned her not to let other people put words in my mouth.  I want Obama to be a one-term president because I think he is a terrible president BUT I DO NOT WISH HIM DEAD!

The fact is, the left has taken something the right has said and added to it to change our meaning to suit their perception of us so we will back down.


Sorry folks, I have been called racist since before the election.  I have listened to that tired old argument for every politically based opinion I have.  I guess it is only logical that the left now change it from plain racism to murder.  Well, there is no more basis for that than there is for the charge of racism and the false cries only lessen the impact when true racism exists.

Also I was told in the response:
You can't take one bit out of context and pretend it's not about wishing him dead, because it totally is.
To which I replied:
 Well then I guess I just don't know what I meant by what I said now do I?
I then blocked her.  If I wanted to include it folks the reference would look like this:
 Pslam 109:8-9
There is a difference.

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Christine said...

Thanks for engaging. I think the left has gotten used to the right "getting along" and not arguing back.