Friday, October 09, 2009


Wow, I am so honored as the talented and lovely Ms. Yvonne at Yo-Mamma's blog tagged me with the

"I Shoulda Been A Stripper Award"

This is total excitement for me because I never win anything, so I am going to have to work extra special hard to make her proud.

Let me start with a redesign of that picture. I kind of have the shape of a peep, but lets try this...

OK, Now that is out of the way lets get to business. The deal is I have to write seven personality traits about myself and then tag seven other bloggers. If the other bloggers refuse to participate, I have to move in with them until they finish the post.

OK, personality traits:

  1. I am geeky. Very very geeky in fact. So geeky THE WIFE has been known to fake a suicide to escape the description of my day at work.

  2. I have an obnoxious sense of humor, so sarcasm is my strong point. Part of this is a family trait (Dad toughened me up as a young man) and the rest comes from doing tech support for ten years.

  3. I laugh at inappropriate things (mainly potty humor)... (I wonder why Ms. Yvonne and I get along so well.) This is part of what inspires my art work.

  4. Although I am a large man (IE, tall as well as fat) I don't enjoy being large. Some guys like to bully small people, I don't. I would like to be normal instead of Shrek-like in my awesomeness.

  5. I (Like Ms. Yvonne) am also obsessive-compulsive. I have been known to drive the entire family insane as they all wait in the van outside as I go back for the fifth time to make sure the front door is locked.

  6. I suffer from Anxiety (With a capital "A"). It is so bad that before I went on medication, I was at a church luncheon and had a panic attack. THE WIFE asked me to go get the kids some food and I freaked out and insisted we HAD TO LEAVE RIGHT THEN!!!!!

  7. I love. I love my family, my friends and my life. I've made a lot of mistakes and I am not the person I wish I was, but I am blessed more then any man ever has been before me.

Now for the fun part... Hmmmm, who do I tag with this? OK, all these people are awesome in their awesomeness.

I have to tag THE WIFE because she completes me and I wish everyone could know she is the funniset and most beautiful woman in the world.

Justin From Justin's Random Thoughts

Furiousball (So he can work on this while he is working and trying to watch the Phillies.)

Kim from Yellow Trash Diaries

Spit and Vinegar from Almost Domestic because she needs to blog. Her talent is too good.

The Unstable Blogger (I miss her writings, please come back.)

and last but not least...

Laurence Simon from (Mainly because I know he won't do it and will mainly be annoyed which amuses me somewhat. BUT Laurence is the reason I started blogging, so I will not leave him out. I have learned a lot from him and he has earned my respect and although we haven't met IRL I consider him a friend.)


Miss Yvonne said...

I have the anxiety thing too! I think it goes hand in hand with the OCD. When you have an attack, do you feel like you can't breath and you're having a heart attack and also you want to punch someone in the face really hard? Okay, maybe that last part has nothing to do with the anxiety.

Houston said...

Usually it results in I want to run out of the room because I am about to scream from stress.

Funny enough, wanting to punch someone in the face really hard comes up a lot too.

Maybe I should change meds?

Mayor of Jackieville said...

Ok ok ok...your wish is my command. I am back but not as UnstableBlogger - as just plain ole me. :)

new link =
Thanks for the kick in the arse to start blogging again! :)