Monday, September 28, 2009

PHONECO Rumor Mill

PHONECO is undergoing merger with our sister company and the rumor mill is all a twitter with rumors of massive layoffs, re-orgs etc...

So anyway, the date for this apocolyptic occurance keeps moving. First of Sept, 3rd week of Sept, End of Sept, First of Oct, First Friday, ... and on and on.

I am cold and ticked off and the lab is like hanging out in a morgue right now. Moral is low, no one knows what is going on and honestly I am tired of my ever expanding role of responsibilities.  I signed on for one job and every time we have layoffs that means the ones left behind get more work for the same or less pay. 

I went to work for PHONECO because I loved our products but the ever changing role we present to the world has me frustrated.  I want our management to make a decision and stick to it.  I am tired of NO ONE EVER making a decision, so we flounder around and then it seems everyone is confused by why things don't work properly.

A good example is me being in a meeting where I am supposed to provide "Techincal Answers" for a Director.  Turns out the manager of the product was looking to me to make a "Pitch" for why they should sell the product.

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

The sad thing is, I think we are wasting wayyyyy too much money on this product, but if I want to keep working I don't share that tidbit.

Maybe this round of layoffs I will get my severance and move on with my life.

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Kelly said...

I can so relate to all of this. The rumors, management not being fully honest, ever expanding job duties. It's tough. Hope it gets better for you soon.