Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Troll Filled Morning

Well my tweet (twit?) this morning of...

I have a new hero. Joe Wilson #iamthemob
...prompted a troll exchange. I have found people who diagree with those of us who are conservative tend to follow the #iamthemob hash and jump out to try to spew the party line we hear from our government at us.

Here is what happened. I am @tots4masses in the exchange. Bold and Italics indicate a note from me on the exchange.

MildlyBrilliant @Tots4Masses A grown man throws a tantrum over an easily debunked rumor like a three year old, and you admire that? I weep for this country.

@MildlyBrilliant Would you like a link to the bill where you can read it for yourself?

@MildlyBrilliant While the bill says it is for illegals there is no mechanism to verify citizenship.

@MildlyBrilliant Per the bill there is only a check for income as a requirement.

@MildlyBrilliant Go back under your rock and love on the president who is lying to you while you adore him. I weep for YOU!

@MildlyBrilliant I also weep for the fact you refer to yourself as "Mildly Brilliant" but believe everything you are told.

MildlyBrilliant @Tots4masses H.r. 3200: Sec 246-no federal payment for undocumented aliens. Oh and mildlybrilliant is self depricating humor, try again.

Here is the section he is referencing:

Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States."

@MildlyBrilliant And please point out the section where they verify citizenship. I'll be waiting.

MildlyBrilliant @Tots4Masses Yeah it it's the part where there is NO DOCUMENTATION, no insurance... Or do you honestly believe the gov't won't check?

@MildlyBrilliant Do you honestly believe they will? If it isn't mandated, why would they? How would they?

Now I make a comment to another twitterer

@OrdinaryAmerica Dude, I will have to blog about this transaction with this twit. It is hilarious.

I was bad. I shouldn't have called him a twit. I admit it, it was childish of me.

MildlyBrilliant @Tots4Masses If that resolution is passed then yes it would be. You have no proof it won't and who are you calling "twit"? Blog away chump.

HUH? I still don't understand this one?

@MildlyBrilliant I am calling YOU a twit. You said this was easily refutable. Now are you saying "It isn't in there, but it will be?"

MildlyBrilliant @Tots4Masses I showed you the house resolution stating no insurance for those without documentation, it's not my fault you can't read.

Uh... no it doesn't say anything about "Documentation"

@MildlyBrilliant I already pointed out I know it says that. You have not answered my question, "How is citizenship verified?"

MildlyBrilliant @Tots4Masses The same way it is for Medicare, Medicaide, SCHIP, etc. You have to submit your documentation before you get any bennefits.

Uh... no it doesn't reference Medicare, Medicaide, SCHIP etc. Let me ask again.

@MildlyBrilliant And what section is that outlined in? I promise to read it and give it honest thought if you point it out.

That was it. Either he decided I was too dumb to continue or he couldn't find the section he was sure would be in the bill. Honestly, I sincerely hope he is looking because that is what all citizens need to be doing.

My point to @MildlyBrilliant was even though the bill says illegal immigrants SHALL NOT be covered; there is no check in the bill to verify legal / illegal status. That was and still is my point. I stand with Joe Wilson, President Obama lied last night.

If the point of section 246 was really to make sure only citizens and legal immigrants were covered, verification would have been outlined somewhere in the 1,100 or so pages. I do not for one second believe the fact this omission has not been corrected is an accident.

If it has been overlooked the Democrats should simply explain how the check is made and what sections it is outlined under. They don't do that, so the debate goes on with them resorting to name calling (thugs, mobs, racists assholes etc...) and not giving facts.

If it is not outlined now, I do not believe it will be outlined properly after it's made a law, nor do I feel we should make assumptions on how things will be covered as @MildlyBrilliant did.

I do have to give @MildlyBrilliant a bit of credit though as the last troll started off the conversation by calling me a "Dumba$$" (his spelling). If anyone wants to change my mind, please be sure to state the sections of the bill where it is outlined not just throw out how you "Think" it will work.


From Fox News:

In the Senate, Democrats in the so called "Gang of Six," a group of bipartisan senators on the Senate Finance Committee which is the last panel yet to release its bill, began moving quickly to close the loophole that Wilson helped bring greater attention to.

But I'm sure since it's from Fox News, I am just drinking me Kool Aid.

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