Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cowboys Crap

Tony Romo throws so many interceptions Vinnie Testeverde makes fun of him.

Jason Witten is open more than a 7-11 (Hint to Tony Romo!)

Roy Williams is a lot different from T.O. Where T.O. often dropped passes which hit him in the hands, Roy often drops passes which aren't even intended for him.

Roy sucks so hard his only endorcement offer is from Electrolux.

Roy Williams was hit by a bus at Valley Ranch over the weekend. Fortunately for him the bus hit him on the hands and bounced harmlessly away.

There was some concern Roy Williams had caught the Swine Flu last week, then everyone realized he was Roy Williams.

Wade Phillips is taking a new harder line on the Cowboys. If they don't straighten up and fly right, he's going to ask the UN to write a strongly worded resolution to be sent to them.

The Cowboys running backs are more banged up than Johnny Knoxville.

Felix Jones is the only Jones boy who Jerry doesn't cry about at night.

Some people drive a big truck to make up for anatomical shortcomings, Jerry built the Death Star.

And don't forget Flozell Adams:

Flozell had three false starts the last time he made love to his wife.

Flozell, its one, THEN two THEN three. OK?

I'm not saying Adams gets a lot of penalties, I'm just saying he gets more laundry thrown at him than the original members of Kiss.

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furiousBall said...

Vinnie is making fun of him?

Whoa, did you know they tested Vinnie as a young player in the NFL for color-blindness because of how many interceptions he threw?