Sunday, August 02, 2009

Wolverines... Again! (Kind Of)

OK, I saw X-Men origins (another 50 cent movie night) and although I can't say it was as bad as the Will Ferrell movie it wasn't great.

Let me go back to the Will Ferrell movie.   Have you ever walked out of a 50 cent movie?  Have you ever got into an argument with the manager of the theater because you wanted your 50 cents back?  Have you ever gotten into a fistfight with the manager because he was "Restricted by policy" not to give you a refund?  Have you ever felt guilty for beating up a skinny 16 year old kid because he was the manager of a 50 cent movie theater?

If you answered yes to any of those questions you should RUN to the theater and watch "Land of the Lost."  It is SUCK-TACKULAR!

Where was I, Oh yeah, the "Origins" movie.  Meh... Read Ms. Yvonne's post about Wolverine claws because it is much more entertaining.

As for Ralphie May, I am sorry to say, the show was not really that great.  Of course he pissed off THE WIFE right off the bat and I wound up leaving early.  She lost her purse and oddly enough the opening act (a nice man by the name of Gary Cannon found it and turned it in.  He was funny as all get out and taught me a valuable lesson. 

If you shop at Kohls or live in Mesquite, TX don't sit in the front row of his show.


Miss Yvonne said...

What did he say to piss of The Wife???

Kelly said...

I haven't been to the 50 cent theatre since high school when I got kicked out for laughing too much. I don't remember the movie. It was some chick flick where somebody dies of a horrible disease. At the time it *seemed* funny. My worst nightmare involves sitting front row at a comedy show. There is nothing more frightening to me.