Wednesday, August 12, 2009

He Who Has Been Renamed

Well today is a day to celebrate! The man/child formerly known as THE OLDEST BOY has been renamed to THE UNEMPLOYED ONE (although I am sure he will be back to Captain Gloom when he gets a job).

BUT! That is not why we are celebrating!

THE UNEMPLOYED ONE has been accepted into college.  So if the financial aide goes through, THE UNEMPLOYED ONE will be attending college in a couple of weeks.  If not he will be going in January.

THE WIFE asked me to go and pick up a book of class listing, so I hopped in "Tha Love Machine"tm and with a cloud of blue smoke made the short trip to Las Colinas and got the schedule.  I have to say enjoying the views on campus, I think I may need to sign up and take some classes.

See for yourself:


uh... need to be careful about that google search... (whew)

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Miss Yvonne said...

Yea for college! I'm trying to light a fire under the Kiddo to get his stuff in order and start applying.


So frustrating.