Thursday, July 16, 2009

Springtime For Hitler!

Sorry for the technobable post I put up earlier in the week.  Frustration boiled over at a guy with a bunch of letters (CCNA, CCIE, CWNA, MSCE, MCP, etc..) after his signature not understanding a basic concept.

Of course it does get THE WIFE all hot and bothered... (growl)

Anyhoo.  I wanted to share with all of my tens of readers the recent discovery I made.  As you all well know I work for PHONECO and occasionally I don't understand what their thinking is.  A decision is made to push some produc that doesn't work very well, or to send development dollars to improve a product that isn't selling and feedback indicates there is no market interest in.  These decisions often puzzled me and many of my PHONECO brothers and sisters.

Not anymore. I figured it out.

Do you remember the Mel Brooks movie, "The Producers"?  Two guys decide they can put on a broadway play and insure it so if it fails they make a TON of money.  The kicker is then they TRY to find a play so bad it HAS to fail.

I think maybe PHONECO has figured out a way to make a ton of cash if the company goes under.  Everybody wins!

Wait... I don't! CRAP!

Oh well, enjoy the play from the "The Producers," "Springtime for Hitler!"

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spitandvinegar said...

Lol- That's funny. I worked for Gottschalks before they went under and the only people who benefited from that whole mess were the President and Vice President of the company. They both walked away with 1 million dollar severance packages and we all walked away with resentment about their 1 million severance packages.