Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Master Plan

Have you ever wondered what your company is thinking when they make some goofy decision?  I know I have and I am not alone.  A group of fellow underlings and I were wondering over some of the terrible business decisions being made when it hit me???


Of course everyone looked at me like I am an idiot. Then I explained. The company is following the premise behind the movie "The Producers."  In the movie two guys figure out they can put on a broadway show and insure it in such a way that if it tanks, they will be rich.  So they find a terrible script called "Springtime for Hitler" and proceed to make a terrible show.

Somehow the company has figured out a way to get insanely rich by going into bankruptcy.

(Don't laugh, look at GM.)

Now the big question is, will I be killed off because I know too much.  We have begun saying "Springtime for Hitler" to each other every time we hear a stupid decision.

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Kelly said...

ohhh... I can totally see myself mumbling this under my breath during meetings in the near future.