Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let Me Save You A Dollar!

 Here is my review of the Will Ferrell movie "Land of the Lost" now being shown at Cinemark dollar theaters in Texas.

It sucked.

OK, I realized that is not a very good review.  Let me expand on it, we went on 50 cent night and I felt jipped.  I rate this movie as one of my top three most hated movies ever.  Number one will always be the remake of "The Hills Have Eyes," Number two is "Squirm" and coming in at number three was "Land of the Lost."

Here is a synopsis of the story.  Will Ferrell plays a scientist who comes up with an idea on dimensional travel.  He, his traveling partner and a redneck named Will get transported to the Land of the Lost.  They try to get home.

That pretty well sums it up.  Halfway through the movie, Lucie began asking THE WIFE if we could go home.  I have to admit there were several scenes which made me grin and one gag where I actually laughed out loud.  Thankfully that humor was there so I didn't have to eat nine millimeters of hot death.

High point of the movie: Other than the ending... Will Ferrell's character gets eaten by a dinosaur! (I was kind of surprised the audience didn't cheer at this point.)

Low point of the movie: Will Ferrell's character does not die from being eaten.

Lucie's synopsis.  "It was tewwibow!"


Miss Yvonne said...

Thanks for the heads up on this one...although I pretty much figured it was tewwible.

P.S. Your kid's cuteness is killing me right now. Thanks a lot.

Kelly said...

Whhhhat?? He doesn't die? You totally gave it away! Now I'll never see the movie! Because I was totally going to...