Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Late Night Wonderings

Long long ago when I was young I played bass guitar in several bands.  I always left the band for one reason or the other or they broke up due to catastrophic circumstances.  Obviously I never hit it big but I was honored to rub elbows with people I consider to be genius (like Knoxville, Tennessee's Terry Hill).

With that said, my music career pretty much ended when I moved to Dallas.  THE WIFE and I had three boys at that point and I worked for PHONECO and had a "Real Job" so music was not a big deal anymore.

Except sometimes I would get the itch...

Fast forward to November 2002 when I was baptized and we joined Vista Ridge United Methodist Church.  I weaseled my way into the Praze Band and all was good.  But then THE WIFE and I had issue with the church.  It's long and frustrating and I am sure I went off on it long ago so just search the archives...

Long story short, we left.  We had some friends that we started going to church with.  It was cool, different and not quite our thing, but cool.  I was offered a chance to sit in for a little bit with the band there.  I jumped on it.  But the problem is this poor little white boy couldn't pull the funk out for my band (sorry, the rest of the band was african american) and they were way too good for me.

We wondered around a little more and decided we wanted to hit the most biblical church we could.  THE WIFE was raised in the Church of Christ so we have been going there.  It's pretty cool, but no mechanical music so nothing for me to do.

And I'm starting to get the itch again.

It's weird, I'm 37 and I am craving getting in front of a crowd again.  The other thing is I keep wanting to play the old stuff, the loud fast stuff of the old days.  I keep dragging out my old copy of "Tailblazer" by "ALL" and listening to "Megadeth" again.  THE WIFE picked up a concert DVD of "The Cure" and while she got bored pretty quickly (Yeah, "The Cure" can wear on you after a while) I was transfixed.

The oldest boy is off to the Navy, the kids are getting under control and with the economy the way it is the job is beginning to seem like a "Job" again, not a career.  I need to do some searching and reach out to some buddies.  I need to PLAY again.

I'm like a junkie in need of a fix.  Anyway, anyone in Dallas want a fat, middle aged bass player to play fast heavy music (and probably get laughed at by the kids today)? Forget 'em.  As long as we have fun doing it, who cares?


Kim said...

We need a creative outlet, even if nothing comes of it but embarrassing the kids. Picking churches for the band.... as good a criteria as any I suppose.

Miss Yvonne said...

You can come over and jam with Captain Carl. Bass guitar goes good with acoustic guitar, right? I might even sing along if you're lucky.

Don Guitar said...

My wife has been learning to play the drums and has actually gotten on stage to play one or two songs twice now. Yesterday she said "Now I understand, it's not about wanting to get up in front of an audience, you scarcely realize they're out there, it's about the need to fuse your talent with that of other musicians whom you love and respect to create something beautiful for a few moments". I don't think she realizes that it's not that way for everyone but it most assuredly is, and always has been, that way for me and I'm pleased that she shares my feelings.

If you have it inside you, it's got to be let out once in a while or you'll explode. I don't smoke or drink but I'll continue to spend some of my time in smoke filled bars because I have to. That's where the stage is.

Houston said...

You nailed it Don!