Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Met Andy Kaufman?

Well with all the fuss over Michael Jackson kicking the rhinestone covered bucket I decided to be a total smart alec and start making fun of the situation.  When FrankJ over at IMAO twitted that it would be a great idea for Andy Kaufman to pop out of Jackson's coffin at the funeral I squirted chocolate milk out of my nose laughed and made a mental note of it.

Of course someone I followed had to make a comment about "What did they miss?" so I had to TOTALLY send a tweet about Andy jumping out of the coffin.

Not too long after that I got this tweet:

@Tots4Masses i was here in albuquerque. matter of fact i didnt watch the funeral. or would you rather just stick to the jokes? andy kaufman

This led to me having laugh and putting out that I was being "Stalked" by Andy Kaufman which led to this reply:

@Tots4Masses not stalked. just a friendly hello to people who mention me. giving them the opportunity to learn more about the "impossible"

... Now I was very much confused. I did find out he held a press conference announceing he had faked his death which I am embedding below.

Man, I have such a unique life! If you want to follow Andy, he is on twitter at

Or if you prefer to follow me I am at

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flamingBean said...

That is creepy, and very cool, I love Andy Kaufman. I'm glad I wasn't drinking chocolate milk as I read this.:)