Monday, July 06, 2009

Don't Touch My Drugs!

OK, I don't know who the moron is who believes the best way to prevent idiots from abusing perscription drugs is to eliminate prescription drugs but I would like to smack them.

I suffer from chronic back pain and I have to hit my Vicoden from time to time to get by.  I have asked docs about non-narcotic drugs and was told, nope, for the amount of pain I have to fight off, Vicoden is the best choice for me.

So to you idiots out there who don't understand that chewing up 7 or 10 Vicoden or Percocet at a time may cause liver damage and / or kill your idiot self, please do the world a favor and take up heroin like a REAL MAN.  Leave those of us who need the medicine for PAIN alone.

OK, I feel better now.  Speaking of pain, THE WIFE and I moved the girls to the room vacated by the oldest boy and Ben to the room vacated by the girls this weekend.  Painted Ben's room and everything.

Yes, you may tell us how awesome we are.  We know it.  Thank you.

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