Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Suck It Mr. President! I Rock!

The world is enamored with the President of the United States casting his steely-eyed gaze upon a vicious fly and sending it straight to BUG HELL! Check it out!

So after watching that, I thought to myself I'm hungry he used his hand. Mr. Miyagi used a set of chopsticks.

I have overdosed on manly fortitude and for that reason my weapon of choice is...


Oh yeah, who's your daddy?


Miss Yvonne said...

That's so funny...the first thing I thought when I read that story was "That's cool, but he's no Mr. Miagi" and then I thought "How do you spell Miagi?" and then I thought "Is it two g's?" and then I thought "I wonder if there are any e's in there" and then I got tired and made a sandwich. The end.

Houston said...

See, that is another great thing about my feat. Not only was I able to narrow my incredible focus to eliminate the dangerous fly, I was also able to keep my white hot focus long enough to google the "Karate Kid."

I know, I know. I amaze me too.

Lordman said...

This blog was kind of boring

Houston said...

Thanks Lordman, I try my best!