Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bedtime For The Kiddos

Ben decided he was going to sleep in the girls room (sleepover-party-time-kinda-thing). The great and terrible malfunction tonight was Ben insisted he wanted to watch "Good Burger" with the girls. The Girls wanted to watch "Ariel."

"Ben," I said, "the girls want to watch either a cartoon or something girly. You should pick a cartoon."

Ben turned to Sadie and asked "Do you want to watch this?" Sadie immediately agreed.

Knowing this would immediately result in an explosion as Sadie had no idea what she was voting on I sent Ben on to sleep in his room and the girls on to bed watching "Peter Pan." I gave it one more shot and asked Ben if he would watch "Peter Pan" with the girls.It was met with a big "NO." (It's an Aspie thing, once his mind is locked in on one thing it is nearly impossible to change it.)

BTW. If your name is Marshall you might be a "BAD FRIEND." Of course if some people spent time with us and loved us, they might move up to "FRIEND EXTRAORDINAIRE!"

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Jenn said...

Hey..Hey..this is Marshall. Bad friend? Tell your wifey to respond to my text messages. Ha! I'm working on the friend Extraordinaire part. Can you please call my boss and tell her that all these long work days are keeping me from "moving on up". Or start the children's book company so you'll be my boss and the issues will be resolved. Had fun with you guys Sunday, so did D.