Monday, June 15, 2009

Banned From A Landmark

My step-mom wanted to go visit the Mustangs of Las Colinas because she had lost her pictures she had from there years ago. We took a vote (in other words THE WIFE said we were going) and we set out on the adventure.

Arriving at the site parking quickly infuriated me as there was no parking until after 6PM. We drove aimlessly around behind the parking garage until we found a place I was pretty sure we wouldn't get towed from and the we marched around to the statues.

Obviously they are pretty impressive to see and since they are made larger than real horses they are easy to get around and view from several different angles. I have always been impressed with the way the water sprays to make it seem as if the horses are running through the water.

Anyway, while my step-mom and THE WIFE took pictures Christopher made a couple of observations. One of which was the horse had a boogie, the second was the Mustangs are anatomically correct.

Of course he had to take the obligatory "The Horse is Farting on Me" pose.

This is probably where the trouble started. I figure the man with no sense of humor security guard noticed us goofing off. The girls decided to dip their toes in the water and I did as well. (There were no fish to kill so cut me some slack). This led to the main problem as I saw a photo opportunity.

The water is only about two feet deep so I walked across to a rock by a group of the horses and struck a pose.

After much giggling and stupid mugging I was walking back to get my shoes when the man with no sense of humor security guard told me there was "No Wading."

He then told me I should be sure to wash my legs very well as they put chemicals in the water to make stupid people sterile where some day he wouldn't have to come yell at us idiots to keep the stautes from rusting and it might burn me.

I thanked him for his helpful advice called him a jerk under my breath and left.

Honestly they should post the rules somewhere. Like right by the entrace where we found them on the way out.

So Las Colinas loves me has banned me for life.


Justin said...

I'm throwing a link your way

The annoying kid said...

They stunk. And that Christopher is AWESOME!!!