Thursday, May 07, 2009

Writing Projects

Well, I was a good boy last night and spent some time on my writing projects. I decided to clean up and prep some of the illustrations for one of the kid books I am writing. I also printed off the opening couple of pages to one I was writing to educate kids on Asperger's syndrome so Ben could read it.

Ben started reading it and said, "Hey this kid sounds like me!"

"Really," I said while being totally happy he had connected with the character I had modeled after him. I was ready to get the big head and listen to him talk about how I was spot on in nailing his feelings and putting them to paper. I imagined how my kids book would revolutionize the way Asperger's and Autism is viewed by the world.


"So, what about the kid reminds you of yourself?" I had to know.

"Well, he does imitiations. I do imitations, I can sound just liek anyone."

"... Uh Really? Any thing else?" Confusion was setting in. I never included anything about "Imitatation" in the opening draft.

"He like to act like a cat. I like to act like a cat. He's just like me."

"Cool." I was still confused. I started thinking back through the draft and then a line jumped out at me:
He could talk like everyone, but his voice sounded different, kind of like a robot.
Oops. May need to do a bit of a touch up there. I think Ben kind of missed the point of the statement from my 8 year old narrator.


furiousBall said...

wait, i came here via google looking for the Jenny McCarthy sucking eggs videos...


Houston said...

Keep your sick-o fetishes to yourself my friend.


(Actually that was my plan all along, but don't tell anyone OK?)

The McQuilkin crew said...

I think that is an awesome book idea, Jennifer was telling me about it , and I think it is neat that he identifies with the character, in whatever way he choses to identify.