Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Big Giant Head

Apparently I have a massive cranium. This is a fact I have been reminded of many times throughout my life, but few times as bluntly as when my Aspie kid Ben pointed this out to me at the dinner table.

Somehow the subject of my massive head came up and Ben chimes in with "Hey Dad. Your head is so big you look like a life-sized bobble head doll."

Ahhhhhh, so nice. Ben picks me to pull a funny on.

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Wonder Woman said...

Andrew says "The only problem is...your head was the same size when you were born."
After studying you for a moment, Ben says, "I bet that everyone thought you were a bobble head when you were little." Everyone dies laughing and he doesn't even know what he said that is so funny...

Geez, you would think that you are really trying to block out how humiliating these conversations are...