Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Am So Over It

Working for a big corporation ticks me off a LOT of the time. I am in a stituation where I am trying to help a customer out and said I would test some CPUs for them. So I have seen about a hundred emails on the paperwork for these CPUs, where are they, when are they coming back etc...

All because the people who were responsible for changing them drug their feet.

Well I got an email from a manager all ticked off because the form they sent me to fill out had his name on it and apparently he is the wrong guy to have on the form. So he gripes me out in the email. Then my BIG BOSS'S BOSS tells me to hurry up and get the parts back.

OK, so I will be sending the parts back tomorrow as no good deed goes unpunished.

1 comment:

furiousBall said...

yeah, this kind of pragmatism, i definitely don't miss, sorry man