Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Catherding 101

OK, so yesterday I took the day off to chaperone for my son Chris and his absorbed twin on his knee "Jim" on a 6th grade field trip to the Ft. Worth zoo. It was a beautiful day here in North Texas, cool (in the 70's) and no rain in sight. It is also May so the 100 degree plus weather has not begun yet so I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful day.

The BOY had his weirdo level turned up PAST ELEVEN (to tweleve or more) as he intorduced me to any kid who walked by him. The amazing thing is most of the kids tolerated him and didn't act like they thought I was a total tool (thank you kids, more than you will ever know).

The trip itself was great except for the poor planning on the part of the school. No information had been sent home after the great SWINE FLU CANCELLATION OF '09, so it was a crap shoot to guess when we were leaving. The front office had no idea so Chris had to text me and let me know I was supposed to be there "RIGHT NOW!!!!"

We were "Supposed" to leave at 8:15 AM, we left after 8:30 AM, arrived at the zoo at around 10:30 and got inside after 11:00AM. We went to eat lunch at 12:00PM (one hot dog, a small bag of Ruffles and a can of Minute Maid Lemonade to fuel us for walking a KABILLION MILES?) and we were scheduled to leave at 2:15 PM.

Three hours to see the Ft. Worth Zoo? WTF? Imagine the Family Vacation fast version... "look kids a Lion, look kids a Llama, Look kids a Puma!"

I survived, all kids were accounted for and lost no digits in the process.

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Miss Yvonne said...

I spend three hours just in the gift shop at the FTW Zoo.

P.S. I'm making a bracelet with "WWCJD" on it because that is about the most awesome catch phrase I've ever read. I love it even more knowing you spent all day thinking of it. True genius takes time...it can't be rushed.