Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bad Cop

I really hate being the "Bad Cop" around the house. This afternoon some kids decided cleaning their crap up wasn't in their game plan. After an afternoon of not doing anything, Dad had to finally "Lose it" and sternly get their toys up and get rid of them.

Yes, they are now in the garage.

So Lucie and Saide were terribly distrsessed and I had to send them off to their room for a nap so they could calm down.

Lucie came down and said she wasn't sleeping. I told her she had to, then THE WIFE pointed out she had gotten her two favorite teddy bears so she could "Run Away."

THE WIFE got her back upstairs with hope if she could show she could clean up and behave, maybe things would be OK and dad would let them have their toys back.


It sucks. All I want to do is be my kids best buddy, but I can't. I also had to fuss at Chris for not cleaning his room and told him he couldn't go over to his friend's house because he had lied to us about school work.

Andrew and I talked about his ex-girlfriend and her psycho mom. It won't take much and the psycho and I will have a very short and direct conversation. Hopefully it won't matter anyway.


Miss Yvonne said...

Being the bad cop sucks. Most of the time my husband does that, because I suck at it. When they're 17 years old, it's pretty much bad cop all day long.

The annoying kid said...

Yeah Laura's mom is psyco!