Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Warning! Geeky Cartoon Stuff Ahead

Get an IM from THE WIFE today:
(8:57:47 AM) THE WIFE Now the dolls are avatars. The fire benders are attacking the village of naked Ariels...
(8:58:11 AM) ME ROTFL
(8:58:29 AM) ME Please take a couple of pictures for me

Followed shortly by:
(9:18:49 AM) THE WIFE Now they are running around and playing a version of Hairspray. Dora just told Ariel that she is about to be "outdanced Princess!!" And then they start singing that you can't stop the music song....
(9:18:52 AM) THE WIFE LOL
(9:19:02 AM) THE WIFE Gonna be an adventure type day...
(9:19:03 AM) ME heheheh
(9:19:06 AM) ME Oh yeah

I love being a dad some days.


spitandvinegar said...

Awww.. your post is sooo the opposite of my day so far. That's cute.

Miss Yvonne said...

Your IM conversations are way cuter than mine.

Me: What r u doing?
Husband: Telling the boy to clean his room and watching him roll his eyes at me.
Me: Good times.
Husband: I might kill him later. I haven't decided.
Me: Wait until I get home so I can watch.