Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pitiful Update

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY ANDREW!!!! I am very proud of you (for not destroying my house so far).

OK, back to the crap...

Work is horrendous right now. I am testing a product which has already been released before I said it works... (I thought that was my job?) Apparently I am the appendix in the product release body of life.

So to prevent a bout of gripe-itis, I will serenade you with putting my daughters to bed.

9:00 PM
Place loving children in beds. Start "Barbie Mariposa" for them. Kiss them goodnight.

9:06 PM
Sadie cries out for me. She needs a "Bednight Snack." I explain the cookie she had was a "Bednight Snack" and it was time to go to bed.

9:09 PM
Both girls cry out for me. They are afraid of "Monsters" despite me explaining that our buddy, Mr. Tony Genova would beat up any monster that tried to get to them.

I turn the light up to scare away the scaries.

9:14 PM
Sadie complains she needs some water to drink. Lucie decides she needs a glas of water also.

9:20 PM
Sadies complains about the quality of her water.

9:22 PM
Sadie states her bed is wet from the water.

9:24 PM
Lucie brings he clothes into my room because she doesn't need to sleep in them

9:24 PM and 30 seconds
Sadie asks to have her shirt taken off so she can sleep.

9:42 PM
Sadie charges in and states she needs something "Flat" for her room. (Don't ask me, I couldn't make this crap up.)

9:53 PM
The flat thing (Children's Bible) was insufficient for Sadie's safety, therefore she asked to move into my room and sleep in my bed. I give up, "Climb on in I say."

"Tanks, Dad," she says and proceeds to read from the Bible to me as I type. She then says, "Who cares?" rolls over and goes to sleep.

9:58 PM
Lucie asks to sleep in our room as she is scared by being alone. I give up and say "Come on and climb into bed." Lucie is pleased and states as soon as "Barbie Mariposa," goes off she will come back.

10:03 PM
Lucie comes back into the room, tries to climb into bed to sleep, then complains there is "Nowhere for her to sleep." THE WIFE and Sadie are both out cold. I do what any father would do (assuming he has lost his mind or the will to fight), I give her my spot on the bed and move to the floor. I then surf the internet in the hopes she will go to sleep, I can take her back to her bed and then I can finally get some sleep.

At least I didn't have to resort to spitting.

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Miss Yvonne said...

First: Sadie and Lucie are about the cutest names ever and it sounds like their personalities are just as cute as their names. Something flat? That is nothing but awesome, I'm totally using that someday.

Second: Awwww, you linked to me! If you ever need me to spit on someone, let me know. I'll take care of it for you.

I'm the mafia of spitting.