Friday, April 17, 2009

Open Letter To Janeane Garafalo

Dear Ms. Gerafalo,

I understand it is your view that conservatives are all racist (including me). You seem to think this is the only reason why I might speak out concerning a president I do not feel is doing a good job.

I charge YOU are the racist as YOU are too afraid of people finding out you secretly hate all people of any ethnicity other than white. If you were truly inclusive you could judge the president on his merits rather than the shade of his skin.

Shame on you.


I will also make sure to NEVER spend any money on anything you are involved with again. You see, you have freedom of speech (as do I) and I have freedom to spend my money on what I choose to. I choose not to waste it on a racist hatemonger such as yourself.


Anonymous said...

Bravo - spot on with your comments.

Melissa said...

What blows my mind is - there are actually people who care what she thinks!

Justin said...

Well, I'm not going to boycott her stuff. No way I'd give up 24 for her idiotic ramblings.

Seeing her character keep lawyers distracted so her colleague could torture a guy made it worth it to me... :)

VampVA said...