Monday, April 13, 2009

Latest Obama Appointment Marred By Controversy

Washington DC. - In a seemingly never ending string of bad appointments, President barack Obama's latest appointment of "Bo" as White House pet (or POTWH (Pet Of The White House)) has come with some contriversy.

Apparently "Bo," as he is now known, recently completed a 12 week program for litter box crunchy treat addiction and has been known to spend hours aimlessly licking his butt while the world falls apart.

"Bo, seems really nice," said one Collie who asked not to be identified, "but once you get past the 'Hey how you doing?' butt-sniffing stage, something is wrong."

TTFTM News will remain on this story as long as we can drag a giggle or two out of it. This story will also dies out if I get stuck doing actual work or THE WIFE tells me it is too dumb to deal with.

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