Sunday, April 12, 2009

Depressed As Crap

The word Crap winds up a lot in my posts. Anyway, I am depressed and feel like I can't do anything too well lately and I am just waiting for the world to end.

THE WIFE says we should become pirates with some of my blog buddies. I am seriously considering it.

Anyway, I liked this picture, but I wont link to the site because then my oldest son who doesn't have enough sense to not follow links on my site when he and his buddies surf my blog in HTML class when they are supposed to be working.

The pic with apologies to Laurence.



Miss Yvonne said...

Ha, my husband would love to do that with one of my cats.

Good thing my kid doesn't know about my blog, or he'd be in all kinds of trouble for reading it at, swearing, etc.

Anonymous said...

The picture is absolutely idiot. Cats are awesome animals that should be always repected.

Miss Yvonee: maybe your husband has some mental problem?

Houston said...

Exactly Anonymous. We must care for cats so we can have violin stings and tennis rackets.

I will join PETA and throw up my breakfast immediately.