Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ahhhh Paperwork

OK, so I keep the name of where I work anonymous (Hard to believe PHONECO Inc. isn't a real place) but the things I write about are pretty much true. One of the things I keep noticing is the more efficient we are asked to become, the more we are mired in paperwork.

For example:

Now, I am a lab rat and we have reports we have to fill out reports so everyone knows what is going on. Which is all well and good but we are now filling out reports for our supervisor to give to our manager to give to our director to give to our GM to give to someone NOT IN OUR CHAIN OF COMMAND to read to SOMEONE ELSE NOT IN OUR CHAIN OF COMMAND.

Here is a novel idea...


Look, I understand planning and moving ahead, but I call bull crap on all the "We can't sell X because it won't do Y. If we had an app to do Y, then X would fly off the shelves.

I drive past downtown Dallas and I see new building being built. Buildings without our phone systems and I wonder why?

I think back to working in Knoxville, Tennessee and how we ran an office of around 12 technicians, but we can only keep three of them busy in Dallas, Texas.

Something is rotten in Denmark and I wish rather than burying people in more paperwork, we would address the REAL PROBLEM and get rid of people who don't sell.

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