Thursday, March 26, 2009

Never Ending Line Of DUHHHHHHHH

When I was in tech support I would often write and complain about technicians who would call in not having read the documentation, gone to site, troubleshot the problem and/or complained when we asked for information or made suggestions on what to try.

Now I am a lab rat, I deal directly with the field much less than I did in the past. Now I am dealing with the managers of the products we evaluate prior to release.

My problem currently is we had a product which we "Red Flagged" and sent back to development because, well, it sucked. It was coded poorly, full of bugs, flaky operation, poor documentation, grammatical and spelling mistakes etc. The developer swallowed their pride, took it back and fixed it. I am happy to say going through the retesting, it now appears to be ready to be evaluated.

This brings me to where I am now and my problem. We are RETESTING the things we found wrong to begin with. Not continuing the evaluation, not opening new bug reports, just RETESTING the existing bugs. The manager has one little thing he has found which acts differently on his system than it does on mine and he is trying to prove I don't have something flagged I should.

Truth be told, he may be right, I don't know. My stance is, it doesn't matter as I am not testing that at this moment. I guess I should care, but it is annoying the crap out of me right now. Especially considering I will be SHOCKED (SHOCKED I TELL YOU) if we sell four units of this application.

Figure THAT profit margin verses the amount of man hours we put into testing it. Of course that is not my job, my job is just to find the bugs.

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