Friday, March 20, 2009

I Made The Jump

OK, so being a tech-geek-labrat at work I am required to goof with stuff to make sure it works. The real fun part of my job is I get to TRY to break stuff. That being the case I had loaded a bunch of our software onto the BETA of Windows 7 and was testing it to make sure nothing looked bad. I am happy to say with Joe Average user using it, I had NO PROBLEMS.

Unbelieveable honestly.

I wound up having to run a test where I had to load Vista on the same box I had Windows 7 running on. Clean install from the ground up formatting the hard drive.

What. A. Pig.

Sorry Microsoft. You had a good idea with Vista, but I think Windows 7 BLOWS IT OUT OF THE WATER. Smoother, faster, feels a LOT less bloated. All the good things about XP and Vista rolled in together.

So anyway with the OLDEST BOY having finally trashed the computer beyond my ability (patience-wise) to repair. (SIDE NOTE: The OLDEST BOY will deny it being his fault and throw his borthers and sisters under the bus BUT, I won't mention the program which I found that burrowed itself into XP and was trying to act as a mirror for another kind of site I won't mention. HE hasn't heard about that yet... but he will now. Also when Internet Explorer finally won't open and every has to use Firefox for everything... well, something is JUST WRONG.)

I bit the bullet, weighed the options and loaded the BETA of Windows 7 on my home PC. It's early still, but so far, THE WIFE isn't furious. I have the kids account set to remove all changes after they log off, so Ben can't trash it with the malware from game sites. We'll see.

Christopher is getting a laptop this week (maybe... apparantly the first one was destroyed in transit) and I may just load 7 on it as well.

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PLO said...

Thank you for your greetings! I am so appreciative of the kind words of the bloggy world!