Thursday, March 12, 2009

Duh Austin!

From an email I got:

The Senate is poised to debate the contentious issue of voter ID on March 10th. In a surprise move early in the session, the Senate voted along party lines to make an exception to the way they determine what bills may be heard on the floor of the Senate, identifying the voter ID bill as the only bill for which a 2/3 vote of the members of the Senate would NOT be required in order to hear the bill on the floor.  The likely outcome if the bill is passed is a decrease in the collegiality for which the Senate is known, and the possibility that the session may descend into partisan fighting over most if not all legislation for the remainder of the session.  In short this issue could negatively impact much of the proposed legislation this session. According to the current schedule the full Senate will likely vote on the issue by St. Patrick's Day. The lawmakers are expected to vote along party lines.

OK, so I am sorry if the thought of providing an ID when you vote gets some people in a twist, but when I don't know half of what is being said around me as I go through my day because of people switching to Spanish instead of English, color me skeptical. Not to mention the accounts of accusations of voter fraud nationwide in the '08 election.

I am surprised the same people don't balk at the thought of having us register in the first place.


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