Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Real American

...And no, I don't mean GI Joe.

Last night THE WIFE and I surprised my 12 year old Chris by me taking him to hear Chuck Yeager speak. We didn't tell him where we were going (we told him I was taking him to see the "Doodlebops") and I knew he would be very excited to hear stories from a man who fought in WW2, Korea, Vietnam and flew almost every type of plane in the US Air Force (and some of the Russian planes too).

My only regret is I couldn't get a picture of Chris with the General. General Yeageris 86 tomorrow and after a couple of hours of talking and the night getting on 9 PM I know he was bushed. The arrangers for the speaking engagement brought out a cake in honor of his birthday and we all sang to him, he grabbed a piece of cake and quietly disappeared.

It was a nice evening and it was like a trip back to my youth hearing stories from my grandfather about his time in the army.

God bless you, and happy birthday General Yeager from my family to yours.

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