Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Adventures of Darth Tater - Day Two

Sorry for the delay, but as a minion of Darth Tater I still have a day job which interferes with blogging.

Day two began with the Dark Lord of the Tot going down to the lobby of the hotel for a hearty breakfast.

The selection pleases me.
After breakfast Darth Tater reported for work where he was working diligently throughout the day.
Next, a road trip was in order to break the monotony.
The force is strong with that car!
On the way he passed one of the sites of the 2008 presidential debate.

I could have used my dark powers for good if I had been there.
Look for Day Three photots and the mandantory Hooters visit soon.


nikki said...

Go Darth Tater, Go!

Miss Yvonne said...

Is Darth Tater eating an omelette or a crepe in that pic? Because if he's eating a crepe, that's gonna completely change my opinion about him.

Houston said...

Miss Yvonne,

It's an omelette. I refuse to carry anyone in my pocket who eats crepes.

Wonder Woman said...
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Wonder Woman said...

I SAID That was definately an omelette, but that I eat crepes...

Houston said...

True. But you are WONDER WOMAN, I do not need to carry you in my pocket.

If you were a small male potato who ate crepes, that would be really disturbing.