Friday, January 30, 2009


Well, PHONECO's world headquarters released a press announcement concerning upcoming job reductions. Rumors had been fying for a while but the looks of stunned disbelief are... unique.

I would say priceless, but this is pretty dark all around. I have no idea if I will be here or gone come next week. HR hasn't brought a box by yet, but I completely don't trust management anyway. We got an email late this morning about the news reports (apparently it was also picked up by a local radio station as well) not necessarily concerning us, and how it is dealing mainly within other organizations and how nothing is set in stone...


Basically they got beat to the punch so now everyone has their head on a swivel for HR folks. It will be an intereesting next few weeks.


Miss Yvonne said...

Oh man, I hate to hear that. The Captain and I will be sending positive thoughts your way and hoping your job is safe!

Houston said...

Thanks Miss Yvonne. You and the good captain keep up the good fight and fending off against those hippies you have there now.

I still have you all in my thoughts too. I hope things get on the right path for you guys also.