Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Milestone

Hey all. Sorry to not have been blogging worth anything lately, but I have been a busy busy boy. I am glad to say the job which I had to go to Nashville for has completed it's first phase successfully. The reason this has me so stoked is I have been a part of (a major part of actually which makes me really happy) doing the first conversion of it's kind (I believe in the world).

I never like to give out to much info because I would like PHONECO to remain a fictitious company, but I would like to crow just a little bit. I am very proud to have helped spearhead something which should be a very good financial option for us.

Also, I get to fly home Tuesday afternoon. I am just hoping I don't get held up when then former President George Bush flys to his new home in Dallas. We'll see.

To my loving wife if you read this, I am thinking of you now and missing you. I can't wait to be home with you. To my wonderful kids, I will see you soon and can't wait to hear the laughter of all you again.

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