Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Going Home

Worked all night last night with my partner to fix a potentially major problem. It's agood feeling to work with good people and get results.

It's also a good feeling to spot a scuzzwad running a rouge AP on a college campus (PC to PC connection) named "Free Public WiFi."

I bet they freak out when he tracks them down with his analyzer.



Miss Yvonne said...

Whoa, I'm not even gonna pretend I understand any of that. Is that even English?

Captain Carl would love you...he'd talk your ear off while I would stand there blinking and staring blankly into the distance.

Houston said...

Yeah, sorry, I guess I should explain, I was just pressed for time.

If you see a wireless internet connection on your laptop called "Free Public Wifi," check to make sure it is not a PC to PC connection.

Hackers enjoy setting those up in the hopes of grabbing someone looking for a free "Hotspot" to grab an internet connection.

They may give you internet connection, but they will definitely get all your passwords and information off your PC.

Me being the civic minded person I am holler over at the nearest IT guy and sent him out with an analyzer to track down the doofus and TOTALLY ruin his day.