Monday, January 05, 2009

Global Warming/Cooling/Raining/Drying Etc...

So I stumble across this article which discusses how the polar ice caps are at the same level they were at in 1979. This obviously contradicts the prediction they would be gone by 2008 (paraphrasing, so don't throw a bunch of crap my way). This is also in addition to the last couple of years of predictions of "SEVERE HURRICANE SEASONS" when they have turned out to be pretty mild.

Crap like this is why I don't believe in Global Warming and when I worry it is about things I can actually do something about and what I believe to be more serious problems.

This does not mean I don't think we shouldn't be environmentally responsible, on the contrary I think it is not only environmentally good, but fiscally sound as well. My problem is people who go on about how Higher Temps=Global Warmer, Lower Temps=Global Warming, Less Rain=Global Warming, More Rain=Global Warming... For Pete's sake, TAKE A POSITION AND STICK TO IT!!!!

Please take time to read the comments to the article as one fine person tries to explain the "Complexities" of Global Warming while several other folks debunk the crap.

For Example:

If the waters in the Pacific are warmer, that leads to more evaporation. Due to temperatures then, you have more water vapor in the air, which leads to increased cloud cover, and as a result, rain on the west coast of the USA. This is very simplistic, but it DOES happen. Now, as the temperatures out there rise, you would expect the amount of water vapor to rise as well, leading to more and more wet weather, storms, etc.

More storms mean more cloud cover. If a given place is normally sunny, and has a normal temperature of around 75F, and has the number of clouds and storms increase, this will lower the temperatures(compared to the sunny days). If the change continues, what was formerly a sunny place with warmer temperatures will see a temperature DECREASE because there are more clouds.

Nice, so because it is warmer somewhere in the world, then it causes raing which makes it cooler somewhere else. How convenient. So another commenter points out:

TARGON finally discovers that warmer oceans results in more water vapor in the air, and more precipitation -- rain, sleet, and snow.

As a MOISTER global atmosphere comes into contact with the polar ice caps, the result of moist air cooling over the poles is SNOW and ICE (frozen rain).

So the result of global warming must inevitably be GROWING ICE CAPS, and LOWER OCEANS. Heat causes evaporation from the oceans. Evaporation is moist air. Moist air when it comes into contact with cool areas results in SNOW and ICE.

Don't tap dance about wind patterns. Regardless of the first path of moister air from the warmer oceans, moister air will inevitably find its way to the poles, no matter what goes on in between, no matter how long it takes.

So if global warming is occurring, the polar ice caps should be increasing, not shrinking, and the oceans should DROP not rise.

Try putting a pot of boiling water on the stove. Then put a glass of ice-cold lemonade next to it. What will happen? The water will evaporate and will condense on to the ice-cold glass.

Furthermore, the temperatures at the poles remain below freezing. If the temperature increases from -15 C to -13.5 C, it is still below the melting point at 0 C. So how the hell is a 1 degree rise going to melt the polar caps?

Ironically, the growing ice at the poles is consistent with global warming. But the result will be lower sea levels, not higher.

So, the crap coming from one group of scientists doesn't match the crap from another group of scientists.

BTW... Freezing rain was predicted for my drive into work today, they missed it.


Update 9:25 PM

Fine, I am an idiot (at least I admit to it). Here is a picture of ice on one of the trees from the freezing rain as I was leaving work.

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