Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hey there... Remember me?


Figures. I have been kind of busy lately and I am pooped. Long story short, my traveling compnaion and I (Code Named: SECRET SQUIRREL) made our original flights which is a sign of HIGH SUCCESS. Monday afternoon a problem was identified and we worked all night with the development team to identify and repair the problem. We determined there were defective CPUs which we had to replace. We replaced them, all was good.

Tuesday SECRET SQUIRREL and I caught our flight and returned to DFW. This morning I get an email from the site reporting the same problem as last time. We do a WEBEX session and confirm, yep, same problem. Same PBXs, Same CPUs.


So color me puzzled. We are waiting for the developers to come online so we can have them look at it. Right now I have the DATERBASE loaded and trying to break my hardware. Good luck here huh?

Obviously without getting too complex, we are now thinking there is a routine running, throwing bad data into the CPU hardware clock. The cool thing is even though this is a sucky problem, sucky problems are very interesting.

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