Monday, December 01, 2008

Words of Wisdom

I am linking to an article by Vox Day at World Net Daily discussing the need to depend on ourselves for protection rather than government. I felt he summed it up nicely here:

The truth is that no one will protect you – not the police, not the part-time security guard, not the staff of whatever business you are patronizing and not the national armed forces. You must take responsibility for protecting yourself, and the only means to do that is to ensure that you are appropriately armed whenever you intend to go out in public regardless of what the local laws might say.

I don't always agree with Mr. Day, but I wholeheartedly do today. There is no person on this earth who cares more about your survival than YOU DO.

Read the article and think about it. What would you do, trapped with your children and no option to protect them and yourself except to hide and hope the authorities can stop the carnage. That is fine until you realize once you are discovered, you are powerless.

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nikki said...

Dude, all someone has to do is get in between me and my donuts and they'd wish to be dead.