Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Putting Our (Best???) Foot Forward

So I see an email floating around yesterday where someone is trying to explain to a tech he needs to use a Fully Qualified Domain Name for SIP registration. For those of you who aren't geeky, this means you use a name like "" instead of an IP Address ""

Nice. Simple. Not difficult to set up DNS to register to the PBX.

The tech then fires back an email that the customer will not be buying a DOMAIN CONTROLLER for this to work.


You don't need a Domain Controller I think. Just configure a DNS server. Any server will do, just add that functionality to it, make it the primary DNS server for the VLAN and set up an A Record and have everything else refer to the real DNS server you are using.

Obviously the tech thinks he needs to set up a Windows Domain to make this work.

Sigh... I go back to testing my widgets. Not my battle to fight.

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