Friday, October 17, 2008

What A Load Of Hooie!

OK I think most everyone has heard of Joe the plumber and gotten to see some of the attacks against him.

Apparently no one actually listens to what he said...

He said he was looking to BUY a business which earns $250,000 or more dollars a year. HE DOES NOT EARN $250,000 dollars a year, THE BUSINESS would be making it. So the taxes from THE BUSINESS would cause him to pay higher taxes under Barack Obama's plan.

Obama agreed he would pay higher taxes.

Dragging out Joe the Plumber's history is a non-issue folks and I hope most people see it for what it is, a calculated diversion from the FACTS.

Face it, Obama said Joe would pay more taxes under him (Obama) if he (Joe) bought the business.


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