Wednesday, October 22, 2008


OK, I am hooked. I have to give it to Shirley Manson for her role in "Terminator, the Sarah Conner Chronicles," she has managed to creep me out.

Shirley was the frontwoman for the band "Garbage" for years and beyond being a heck of a good singer (as well as someone I would secretly LOVE to play bass for... hint hint) she is proving she can act too.

You would think acting like a robot wouldn't be very hard, EXCEPT for she plays a terminator who has taken the place of a corporate executive. This executive also happens to have a daughter. Shirley managed to creep the crap out of me watching this little girl who knows something is "Wrong" with her mom but not knowing what. Shirley managed to emphasize this and make you genuinely worry about the welfare of this little girl as the terminator tries to figure out what to do to make the little girl calm so she doesn't blow her cover.

All in all, excellent turn for a show that is turning out to be a lot more in depth than just a shoot-em-up thirller.

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